FlowRad™ - 360° Magnetic Charging Cable

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This Magnetic Cable can turn 360° in ANY Angle, without breaking!

FlowRad™  Cable is a magnetic + fast charging cable that is designed with military-graded materials including aluminium shield and nylon braided cables, it will change the way you charge your phone forever.

How does it work? 

The magnetic tip is connected to your charger head. Connect it up , and you will get any Micro USB, Apple or other phones charged up in no time! The best thing is that the cable has fast charging capabilities! 

This is the best ever designed cable for any type of phone! It comes with 3 Heads compatible with Apple, Micro USB and Type C. 

Interface :  Typc-C, Micro USB, Lightning Port
Length: 1 Meter (1M) 
Current: 2.1A

Package Include
1 x Magnetic Cable